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I've cried a few times already through the reunion. Have it on pause now to take a wine break and dip my feet in the pool to hopefully smarten my ass up. Is that why you found it odd @PopsicleJones? It seems like from the adbreak where I have it paused that Jim tries to show that rich boy Bobby is a famewhore who was sniffing around multiple potential housewives and current ones. The story on the streets is that he hooked up with heaps of them who were getting through the final stages of being accepted and then when Nicole was, he latched on to her. Jim has awful delivery - kind of reminds me of David actually - but if you push through all the bullshit you can usually find the truth.
I stopped watching RHOBH when they all started messing with Lisa V because I adore her, but I can't wait to see Eileen Davidson on there! When I was growing up I'd always planned on naming my daughter Ashley haha. Then I had a boy. Anyway, she's a really strong personality I'm excited!
I've watched them online already, I wouldn't bother with the RHOA thing, it's just a clip show :(
Ok so have just watched the first two parts of the reunion. If you've watched part 3, please PM me a link so I can watch as all of my usual suspects don't have past Part 2!!
For all of you Real Housewives fans out there, Season two of The Real Housewives of Melbourne will begin on Sunday, 22nd February 2015 at 8:30pm.
this seems much quicker this ep, which isn't a bad thing
Watching the new season of RHOM

WHAT the FUCK is Janet's Problem???/

Already she is being a real bitch.....She will be next to be voted oFF :)

Why is she attacking Gina already? Did noone tell her Gina is adored?
Did anyone find last nights ep. of Real Housewives of Melbourne a bit boring? It felt like it dragged. I almost feel asleep.
Okay, onto my thoughts of the housewives in the last two episodes:

Lydia: My favourite one out of the lot. She is just so genuine and nice - very pretty too. Showing a much better side this year. Just wish Andrea was there to redeem herself as well.

Gina: I like her better this year. I am really digging her humour - just real funny and genuine.

Jackie: I like her too. Might be because no 'international rockstar' Ben in the first few episodes?? He really ruined it for me.

Janet: What can I say about her? Total BITCH. I do not like her at all. Last year, she started the drama and everyone was quick to jump on Andrea. Janet is definitely the worst housewife of them all. Wasn't fond of her last year either.

Chyka: She is getting herself more dirty this season? More gossiping from her and stuff. Different side of her - interested in seeing how this goes.

Gamble: Straight off the bat, didn't like her. Still doing nothing for me either. I do feel sorry for her though how the girls are treating her.

Pettifleur: Like her too. Most probably because Janet doesn't like her. Pettifleur is a pocket rocket and seems like a great addition to the show. I am going to enjoy seeing where she goes on here.
This show is on in the U.S. at 9pm prime time. I can watch it with you and not on youtube.

I have no idea who any of these people are. I've never watched a single real housewife show.

But I'm excited to see Melbourne and locations around there.

I was so shocked to see how old these people are, I'm used to the hot big brother cast.
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I'm already over the old bag Janet.

Switch the bitch!
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Just watching my recording of Episode 3

Love Jackie, Chyka, Lydia and of course Gina, the queen.

Janet is coming across as a real trouble maker.....not at all nice.

She said that she had "Heard" that Gamble was a stripper and a whore????

How rude is that?...Isn't she the one that set up a "date" with some guy on the internet and screwed him in some hotel???

Petifleur is a deadset spoilt brat type but she could develop onto a whole lot of fun...maybe.

Gamble is a botoxed, anorexic type firecracker...she too could be interesting.

Petifleur is writing a BOOK???????? OMG...NOOoooooooooo