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Time moves on
And you'll be gone
And I hold on to the finer things
I need to keep me strong
But one sweet day
We'll put them all away
I'll hope you know that no one stays the same

Sixteen Years- Tina Arena


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Spanish Harlem Incident - Bob Dylan

Gypsy gal, the hands of Harlem
Cannot hold you to its heat
Your temperature’s too hot for taming
Your flaming feet burn up the street
I am homeless, come and take me
Into the reach of your rattling drums
Let me know, babe, all about my fortune
Down along my restless palms

Gypsy gal, you got me swallowed
I have fallen far beneath
Your pearly eyes, so fast and slashing
And your flashing diamond teeth
The night is pitch black, come and make my
Pale face fit into place, ah, please!
Let me know, babe, I’m nearly drowning
If it’s you my lifelines trace ...


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Must be love
I'm whipped and cowed
And I'll whoop and holler
If I'm allowed ...

Whipped - Bonnie Prince Billy