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Priya fans were Mikkayla fans

I disliked mikkayla so much!
I like priya because i think she's really strong in there to be coping with such dip shits like travis and skye. Anyone else would have walked out from that zoo by now.

And umm sorry not sorry that I like to think about who deserves my appreciation and it definitely isn't the dumb blonde or trashy twerking tahan waannabe.

Edit: I'm 20, way out of that demographic in more ways than 1.
Talk about THE CLIMB.

People who stan for Tahan and Aisha are Frumpy 25 - 35yo women who wish they were as stupid and mildly attractive?

HONESTLY, some of the people that post here make me WONDER if we need a SCREENING PROCESS. Make it RETROACTIVE AS WELL.

Or really unattractive guys, most likely losing their hair, who would never, ever have the chance with a girl that looked like Tahan or Aisha. Even if money changed hands. Small dicks. Small minds. So stupid.
Can't stand Hatchet Face AKA Priya.


Also, haven't you noticed that this website is basically one big family? People disagree and have great debates but at the end of the day were all here for the same thing. You won't get much enjoyment out of being a forum member by creating many enemies within the first few days of signing up. You've got a lot to learn, little boy.
Not trolling you or anything but I'm seriously shocked someone who was raised here hasn't previously come across the 'skip' term of endearment for 'dinky di' aussies. I've mostly lived in very ethnically diverse suburbs/areas so that might explain why I guess.
Same demographic.

Frumpy 25 - 35yo women jealous of the more popular and attractive women in the house and who try to make up for it with an unjustifed air of intellectual superiority.

Basically the chicks at school who couldn't get the hot boys and spent most of their time bitching about the Miranda Kerrs of the world behind their backs.

You know I'm right. BOOYAH!
OMG This is me. How did you know?

It was the picture of the cat right?
Just to clarify I'm not agreeing with the stereotypes/assumptions about Muckayla/Priay fanhood in the OP but simply that Muckayla fans seem to have based their support using similar reasons for deciding to suppor Priya. Although I don't know any of her fans personally I think it's fair to presume that they come from very diverse backgrounds at least that's the impression that I get anyway. :) :thumbsup: