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Hi guys,

Yes it's true and it's not a rumor.

Last year, on the 25th of November, Priya left the Big Brother Australia house as the first Indian Citizen to be on the show, plus she left with a bang as a finalist in her season. Today, within less than than a year she's been offered to join the celebrity version of Big Brother in India called Bigg Boss on Colors TV. Here's the link to know more!

Thanks everyone for their support of this firecracker!


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I'm here guys, I have to take care of stuff here.

Here is online link but I don't think it works.. Geo location crap.

I'm sure you should be able to download, 95% off the show is in Hindi, but you can make out things.

Twitter and insta hashtags are #bb9 #biggboss9 soon it will be heaps more


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  • priyasometimesSneak peek selfie before meeting #SalmanKhan for the celebrity version of Big Brother in India called #BiggBoss. I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you for your support and best wishes. Hopefully I can make a difference in the show! I'm not really perfect but I can tell you that I am perfectly real, the good, the bad and the ugly. I believe in strong game play but fairness over friendships. The bullies in the house are in for a rude shock ;) Thank you again for being awesome. I can't wait to make a biryani out of this pulao! Please keep the votes coming in! #BB9#PriyaMalik#PriyaBB


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@MrPRiSuS : I hope she wins.

I was reading about the show: is it true the housemates have been racist against her and also, she was complaining about some of the guys getting 'physical' with her? Bigg Boss doesn't sound like a show I would watch by what I have read.