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Game Predict how the money will be split


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$20,000 =
$5,000 =
$5,000 =

I personally predict Lawson will give Aisha the 20k (coz girl.)
Aisha might want to give the 5k to Travis (coz showmance)



I'm hoping they scissors, paper, rock and Lawson ends up with the 20k.
I'm hoping they give the 5k to either Jason or Dion. Maybe they should scissors, paper, rock too.
I don't think Aisha should get it simply because she is female. I hope Lawson isn't that stupid.


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In retrospect that would be the honourable thing to do,
But they have to give it to one individual don't they...
Yeah they do - so they might get Jason & Dion to rock, paper, scissors for it. Or something. I really think they might give it to the losing pair though - one way or the other.


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I knew that voting for Aisha would automatically give her the 20k...
Really stupid decisions made by the public tonight.
They really need to pick up their game.


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They'll end up sharing it on the outside anyway. They seem like pretty good friends who don't seem likely to have a falling out before that.

They'll give the other 5k to either Jason or Dion who will end up slitting it on the outside too.


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20,000 - Aisha
5,000 - Lawson
5,000 - Jason

BUT I hope that aisha gets 5,000 because lawson made that dance awesome.


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I hope Lawson gets the 20,000 but I think he is such a gentleman and may let Aisha take it.
As for the remaining 5,000 it's hard to say... It should go to either Jason or Dion but that would also be a bit of a cop out to the one who got nothing and was in it just as much as the other 3.

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Aisha gets the $20k because Lawson makes too much money being a magician

Lawson gets the $5k because he doesn't actually earn that much

Priya gets the last $5k to pay her back for giving away her money


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I feel like Lawson is going to push for Aisha to take the 20k but I don't know if she'll agree tbh. She seems like a nice girl, maybe she'll feel like he deserves it more than she does. Either way I think there will still be some SUPER SECRET splitting of the money when they're both outside.

5k... The obvious choice would be Dion/Jason but if they only have to give it to one or the other they might choose someone else entirely. I can't really even guess, here.


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aisha wants the 20 grand you can see it on her face
lawson will take the 5 grand
i think they should give skye the 5 grand for brain surgery lol