Potential Challenge Ideas

What kind of challenges would you like to see?

  • I like the feats of strength and endurance just as they are.

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Challenges based purely on physical strength and endurance are so unfair, giving a huge advantage to a select few (usually male) HMs with monotonous regularity. Or, you could look at it as a disadvantage, being singled out and targeted as a “challenge beast”. I’ve wondered too how Reggie is going to cope with future challenges, since she’s legally blind (props to her, giving them a shot so far).

It would be much more interesting if the challnges were more varied, to suit a wide range of skills and capabilities. So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for potential challenges?

I remember gross food tasks in OG BB, and they were hilarious! If modestly famous people on I’m a Celebrity are forced to eat maggots and testicles, why can’t a bunch of BB unknowns do it for our entertainment? I’d also love a trivia challenge, Hard Quiz style with chosen topics so the HMs who don’t have a lot of smarts still have a chance. A dance marathon would be fun, also some creative challenges like painting portraits of each other (with an impartial guest judge). Many of the past tasks we’ve seen could be adapted as challenges and be far fairer and more entertaining than watching HMs stand in an ice bucket for an hour.


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No matter what, they will at least never again resort to musical chairs like they did that time during Covid when they were unable to set up challenges in the yard. That was a low point even for Seven. Completely bereft of ideas.


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Sure. Not all challenges in fnl and such were physical so they should realise they need to do the same here instead of just wanting Survivor in a house.


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A challenge to set their own challenge. Send them to an empty arena, tell them the winner of today's challenge wins the nomination power but first they have one hour to agree upon and set the challenge.


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Fuck, I’d happily take musical chairs over another endurance challenge.
Actually someone commented the other day some challenges that involves luck would be good to help mix up the winners. Survivor used to do those memory tests where they had to match up tiles or hidden items into pairs, but it's not very exciting to watch as viewers though.

Also they could steal from The Circle and have each of them paint a picture of another HM (i.e. have them spaced out in the arena so they can't see each other's work). Then later get them to vote on the best not knowing who painted them.