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Everyone says I light up every room I walk into.
Was going through old photos on FB and found these.

This was 2015 and my second Vegas trip of the year… The gay bar had $20 open bar and we decided to stay out until the sun came up. This was an attempt to document the festivities at the end of the night and the best out of a series of 10 shots. The girl is a 20 year long friend who finds this pic as hilarious as I do.

Same friend on our first night of the above Vegas trip.
Candid party shot circa 2007. For once my attempt to look “cute” panned out.

Justin trying to pose like all the models do.

Post pub shot circa 2004. One of a handful of pics I have from my year in Australia. According to one of my friends “Nothing said "Justin's drunk" like the combo of that sweater and your drousy eyes xD”. My eyes may or may not be droopy for other reasons.

Another of the handful of my Australian adventure pics. I was only a few deep at this point… Clearly my friend was not.

Circa 2008. I call this shot “Wannabe Raver”. I don’t know why but I had such a crush on that guy. Perhaps it was the fact that he was a bit of an asshole.
My friend sent me a few throwbacks this morning… I had such a baby face and was I ever tanned AF.0DB8A210-24E6-4216-8662-55FF54D40A78.jpegF356CA32-8042-4910-A938-9A98B7ACB413.jpeg1239D5D2-CC3B-42A7-8BE4-4C9E48FB8784.jpeg