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Post show HM antics

The only thing I remember about that guy on BB was in his interview after getting evicted Gretel made it clear she really didn't like him. She brought up that on his application form for the show he bragged about having a large number of different girls in a single week and made it clear she thought the number, whatever it was, was disgusting and then she turned to the audience if anyone would want him and got a resounding 'no'.
Sounds like Gretel could be a real prick sometimes.
He was absolutely the wrong choice for a male intruder that season. They already had so many 'boys boys' in the house and he was just more of the same. The guys even admitted beforehand that they thought they'd throw in a really successful older guy who was nothing like them (except maybe Timmy).

That said, Gretel certainly wasn't very kind to him either
Sounds like Gretel could be a real prick sometimes.
Gretel was as sick of the show at that point as the fans were. It's unfortunate she sometimes crossed the line but somewhat understandable given the decline of the product she was the undeniable face of.
He knows what he's doing and knows his audience. Frankly if you're commenting on his post Jake isn't the loser here.
I didn’t know where to post this, but my workmate just offered me these cards haha. Should I accept? Apparently there’s a Camilla as well!


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