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Podcast you might want to listen to

I'm glad Tim didn't go in last year. Having him/Stacy/Michael competing for air-time & attention would have been painful. In saying that, I wonder if bully-gate would have gone down had he been in the house...

Definitely agree on that one!

I’m finding it hard to picture Tim in last year’s house, but think he may have clashed with Ben (such big personalities). It does make you wonder…
I’m not sold on the whole ‘we don’t have time to do choose who gets good / bad edits each day’ thing lol, but it was a good insight into how the show works.

Seriously. It doesn't help his cause that Tim and Ben kept getting individual tasks those first few weeks - even if you don't have time to decide (which is BS anyway), you certainly have the time to know who's getting lost in the crowd and giving them a chance to get some screentime instead of ramming your Designated Woobies down our throats.