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Photoshops 2021

Lightning McQueen

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Hi all,

One of my favourite things about this site is seeing everyone's creative photoshopping. So let's see what you've got, and put requests here too :)

I don't have any photoshopping talent myself, but SJ is the spitting image of Anne Haney (the court liaison from Mrs Doubtfire, among many other roles). Maybe someone could do something with SJ being scared by another housemate going HELLOOOOOOOOO Mrs Doubtfire style?


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G'day there Lightning McQueen and everyone, I was waiting for one of these threads to start. I am hoping that many of the regular photoshoppers return again this season. I am only just a beginner at doing these but i'll always have a crack at a few of these for a bit of fun and a laugh...lol 😜

I really hope many more members also try doing some photoshops here this season it's great fun and a laugh!

Cheers! :D


Mr Stickyfingers

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...I’ve always loved participating in the Photoshop threads Lightning McQueen but unfortunately my computer has shit itself so I’m having to use my Ipad to come on here... they have always been fun and was one of the best threads on here ... I used to heavily participate in the Photoshop thread all those years ago because with access to Live stream / daily episodes (and not a few days crammed into one episode like now) there was a lot more material to choose from to play around with...

...many people don’t have the love for the show like they used to way back then and you will find that many will not bother to put the effort into it like they used to... unfortunately... the show is not the great show that it once was and therefore not worth the effort in some peoples eyes...

...I’d love to see this thread take off like an Elon Musk rocket... a Photoshop thread deserves to... but as I said... most people won’t be bothered... come on people... start Photoshopping!... have some fun!... I’d love to be proved wrong lol!... cheers.