Neighbours Discussion Thread


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Ooh I know, I still watch it, however woeful it is. It's just a habit.
Gunna have to find something else 😯


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I haven't watched it in many years. (stopped some time in the 90's) I was always working when it was on and it was too hard to keep up with. But I am sad to hear of its demise. I know this is a reality tv form but I do feel like there is an over representation of reality tv (especially bad reality tv) to other types of tv being made and broadcast on tv anymore. A little diversity in viewing is not a bad thing.


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The axing news has kind of revealed most people who have fond memories of it haven't actually watched it since the 90s. Absolutely agree with you about Australian TV being reality TV at the expense of other genres and commercial TV in Australia has been completely left behind as the rest of the world enjoyed a golden era of drama over the last few years, finding ways and funding mechanisms to compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon - here in the UK I don't think BBC drama has ever been stronger, ITV have completely changed their broadcast model to focus more on 4-part dramas airing across a single week rather than just multiple weekly drama series and C5, the broadcaster of Neighbours, have found success with a similar model in a couple of years after a couple of decades not really airing anything of significance. It's a model that 10 should perhaps be looking at themselves.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Eastenders here I come. I'll now watch nightly than binge watch.
I've still been watching Neighbours and will miss it in a habit sort of way.