Masterchef 2019


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It was the reduction they made at the start of the show that he put sugar into. He used the same reduction with both attempts at the sauce
Oh. Ok. Thanks delly. Missed that. Wasnt paying attention. I thought he dumped the first bernaise cos it was too sweet and wasnt forming due to the sugar.


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Tim's a likeable bloke, but it's obvious he's the main man for Gary/George/Matt this year, a la Ben from 2018.
Too early to tell yet about the other contestants, because I've only watched bits and pieces this week. When they start getting into mystery boxes and pressure tests and eliminations, then the whole Masterchef vibe will pick up for me!
It's true though that the ratings are down this year, compared to previous seasons, it might be time to refresh that judging panel next year, how about replacing one of the 3 with Matt Sinclair for example?


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Evening all.

Tim is your easy going meat loving Aussie bloke that they have one of every year. Hopefully they don’t blow up his tires too much.


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Tim certainly is the archetypal good bloke who miraculously can apparently cook well, so of course Gary and George and Matt will be spruiking him all season
The ads are more amusing than MChef...Curtis Stone..."Coles RSPCA approved chickens" 3 times in 15 sec?. They must think the ethical treatment if animals is finally getting solid mainstream traction (aka sales). GOOD.
Yeah, opting to cook proteins you either haven't cooked or rarely, is always a *good strategy* an elimation. I doubt Tim would do that. Another reason he is probably front and centre. Likely thoughtful and cautious.