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MAFS 2024

Good on Collins putting Natalies picture first .
I don't think he's cunning enough to just put her there if he didn't mean it. He's that simply honest he'd have stuck her at the end if that's what he thought!
Come in Tristan and Cassandra!
That was hardly a kiss, not after all the cement mixer, spit swapping I've been exposed to on Love Island UK!
Hmmm, Thomas and Lucinda not looking good. She's up for it, but he's holding back, which us usually the other way around, apart from the sex starved woman last season that scared her man away!
Oooh what's her name, Sara? not wanting to show her phone, not good! Especially knowing his inse purity about having been cheated on.
If you've nothing to hide, you'd show it!
What a prick. I don't like short hair on girls, who does? I l i ke big boobs ... and the rest of the superficial picky Shit he came out with. (Manbun not gold coast, missed the jerks name)
if Tory is happy with that, they deserve each other. Good night 😊
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The guys on this show are outdoing themselves.

Award for worst performance in an amateur theatrical drama... COLLINS.
There's a shitload of baggage between a lot of these couples!
And the wanker of the season (so far) goes to ... ... .... Collins!
Oh Megs, I didn't realise I virtually copied your post there! What a massive coincidence!
I'm on Tim's side on this. Sara obviously had something to hide. Especially given his problem about being cheated on.
I feel we've been here before!
I hope Tori isn't just that desperate to be in a relationship she's just settling for this Jack situation.
It looks that way .
She seems like a lovely , sensitive soul 😐
Good riddance Collins!

As well as golden showers, the other WTF from this episode was CROTCH CUPPING!

Jonathan seems normal, he should run.