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MAFS 2021


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
No I didn’t, but I did see it on Gogglebox and it looked brilliant. Should I stream the first season before watching the new one?
You don't have to as the two seasons are not connected. But the first one is still lovely to watch.


Melissa is a moron with horrible taste in men
Bec is a bitch, however she deserves an apology

Bryce ran away because he knows his lies are about to fall apart


Yeah, Nah.
Should not be getting the box out at the dinner party in front of everyone. Save that for behind closed doors.


Bryce is still a dickhead, but what Sam (bleach blonde male Sam) did was clearly bullying.
Bryce said he has never been in a fight in his life, whereas I'd bet Sam specialises in it.

Jason Roses from Big Brother is not the kind of friend anyone needs.

And what is it with adults telling each other when they've had sex??


I saw a photo of her as a teenager and she had it back then, so it must be a scar of some sort. I agree about the doormat issues. I just wanted to slap her. Not literally, but you know what I mean. And over Bryce?!
She is definitely a doormat. She will put up with anything, just to have a man. Even a man that lies, etc.
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