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MAFS 2021


Yeah, Nah.
The experts acknowledge at the dinner party that Bec is antagonistic and confrontational but don’t bring it up to her on the couch.

Instead they choose to ask Bryce why the group don’t like him? How’s he supposed to know. They probably just think he’s a fuckwitt like the rest of us.

I just cannot stand the blatant disregard and lack of any acknowledgment from anyone at how revolting Bec’s behaviour is. She’s been given a free pass this whole season.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
I think Bryce has changed. The fact even the whatsy woman says he hasn't is crap!
He's been nothing he was at the beginning, so Bryce and Mel, clear off and go it alone. You'll do better away from these poisonous vindictive people .
I'm now behind as I had to pause to say my piece!


Yeah, Nah.
Oh-a my-a god-a, they-a have-a irritated-a me-a all-a season-a.
HAHA YES! Honestly, I know as Australian's we naturally do it which can be annoying, but hers is next level!

It annoys the HELL out of me too. But, then I felt a bit mean. What if she has some sort of speech impediment? Or it happens when she is upset/nervous? It is very noticeable.
I think it's when she's on the verge of tears and trying to stop herself that is becomes really prominent (which is basically all the time now that she's begging for forgiveness every time she fucks over Jason)