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Troll thread?
My dear affable there is not a troll bone in my body. And how can I be trolling when Im posting things that interest or tickle me and are not even remotely directed at other posters or being denigrating in any way. Im sorry you feel that way. Trolling is for fools.
Sorry to derail @Lucas . I felt it was a slight on my forum personna and postings.
Onwards and upwards for Lucas's corner.πŸ‘
I am pretty sure that I wasn't referring to you. :p


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I must say I never said I had any good taste before anyone dared to venture in here. 😬😜

Tis' perfect for early Saturday night!


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Taste is personal anyway. No one should be able to say what is right and what is wrong when it comes to music, movies, tv, books. Like what you like, and let other people like what they like.
So true. Diversity is more than just a spice of life. We all experience and enjoy things that we stumble across. And its good to share. Doesnt mean it has to be universally liked but it is a gift to come across something you would have normally not discovered yourself.
A kind of inter-connectedness with good intentions in the spirit of sharing.
Hope that made sense. Im on the vino tonight.πŸ™ƒ


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Hey @refundeR! How are you? I haven't seen you around here for ages!!! I thought maybe you weren't working night shift any more but you still are?
Heeey Lucas! I'm going tops :) I'm still recovering from a post easter egg hangover.. Hehe spot on, I moved work sites and was working Mon-Fri like a normal person for a while, but back to the land of the living dead :) How are you going? Anything exciting happening in Lucastown?