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Lasting friendships?

Not playing the victim anymore. I'm happy with what I got out of the experience

Victim's do not "play"
They are a victim or they are not.
It is NOT a game.*

and to suggest OR actually play everyone to think you are a victim is even more reprehensible than those who taunt a victim!

*if it was a game, you would be the tallest/ unless skye was in heels
Interesting looking back on this thread compared to where we are today. It seems most of us were wrong.

Cat and Lawson are still the very, very, best of friends.

I think I saw a photo of Sam and David out to dinner.

Lisa and Aisha I have seen be pretty close on the hm antics thread.

But apart from that I can't think of anyone else from that season?

Which I suppose is pretty typical for a Big Brother season.

The 2013 season was an anamoly though, plenty of lasting friendships from that season.