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Never again
I wonder if some of the films being dumped onto streaming these days were just kind of abandoned during post-production or filming. Once they realised they weren't getting a theatrical release. They slashed the budget. So everything gets a lower level of polish. Lower budget for everything to complete the movie. Possibly with sequences not finished or included.
That could be true. Seems streaming services are going for quantity over quality.


Never again
Man on the moon.

Inspired to watch it after seeing Taxi. Kind of wish it was longer. Felt it only scratched the surface of the performance artist Kaufman.

Most fascinating part for me was that Kaufman, who hated sitcoms, was in Taxi for a full five seasons.


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The Eternals.

Was boring. I think Marvel films, but this is the first one that was just boring.

No Time To Die

Massive Bond fan. Grew up with them. Loved Craig's Bond. Gasino Royale is one of my all-time favourite films, so I've got a deep emotional connection to his Bond. The rest of his films have ups and downs, but I really enjoy them all. Even if I really hated the choices they made with Blofeld in Spectre and trying to wrap up the previous films into that. This film encapsulates everything that is Craig's time as Bond. It's a mix of all that.

Some really great stuff. Not so great and also stuff that doesn't work for me. The villain's plot is weak, but then you don't go to a Bond film for the villain's evil plan.

The first hour is fantastic. Absolutely superb without a misstep. There's a great scene in Cuba and Arna De Armas is a treat! The second hour is still great but some cracks appear. Last 40 minutes it kind of goes off the rails. Gets a bit messy but still with great stuff throughout it. This might be sound like I've being done, but the film does remake good throughout. I just ultimately wasn't satisfied by how they sought to bring all the lose ends together with wrapping up the villian's plot and Craig's time as Bond. like how I didn't like how they tried that in Spectre. Yet ultimately, still a great watch.

It actually kind of is following the trajectory of the previous 4 films, condensed into one movie.

The 2 hour and 40 minutes flies by. There's never a dull or boring moment in the film. Superbly crafted and made.

They're said it's definitely Craigs last film. Sad to see the end of his era but of course, as it says at the end of the credits. "James Bond will return."

I'll be there for that, hoping they can knock it out of the park like they did with Brosnan's and Craig's first entries.


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Jo Jo Rabbit.
I ended up in tears again!
I don't think Bowie singing Hero's at the end helped either ❤️
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Rabbit movie is next on my list
Takiti and the entire cast of Flight of the concords being my favourite NZs, plus Sam Neil and the boy from Wilderpeople
NZ humour is very droll and awesome

Movies seen lately
Wonder Woman 80s, sucked but I love her
And Charlize Theron as Megan Kelly in the movie about dirty old man roger Ailes,
OMG Theron was difficult to tell she isn’t Megan, so nailed that performance