Is Camerashy1 a 2014 Housemate?


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CS1 and I discussed MH370 a lot. It so weird talking to someone every day then they disappear into thin air

Now you really worry me. :( Something bad must have happened then.

The friends I made in this forum, in any circumstances I wouldn't let them know that I am ok.
Only if I was seriously disabled and couldn't contact them, that would happened. I would always make sure they know I am ok.

You being talking so much and be so close, it just doesn't make sens that she disappeared, it just doesn't :(

Jay Jay

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I have been reading with interest most of the posts on this forum...
There have been a few 'Elvis' references in regards to CS' as in 'Having left the building'
Also,regarding his/her warm,happy,graceful and welcoming personality,the person who sprung to
my Ben Zabel..?
Ben,re entered the house for Travis's (contrived) fake eviction.
As everyone knows,his time after that hasn't been easy...
Love & hug for Ben xo


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camerashy1 could be Lisa for all we know?

Personally, I am hoping she is Cat afraid of the negative response she will get if she comes on here :p

We just need to know she is okay though.