I'm done


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I’m still in the process of catching up. I’m struggling to keep entertained. If the series is gonna be 30 episodes like the US version and it’s on 3 days a week, then just copy and paste the US formula? Too many contestants and too many twists. This could easily work fine with a 16 person cast with a normal eviction cycle.
Agreed and if you want to be different for the sake of it there are plenty of ways that can be achieved.


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I tuned out in the first week after it became apparent that it was going to be the Daniel show.

Big Brother needs to be stripped right back to the bare bones. No more stupid twists and contrived situations. More in-depth analysis of personalities, conversations and relationships. But I suspect the powers that be don't want us to use our brains too much.

Literally everything on FTA TV these days is contributing to the brainwashing and dumbing down of society. With rich, old white men like Kerry Stokes at the helm, expect more of the same.