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...well how about that eh?... someone that the public wanted to win it actually won it!... not someone that the producer wanted to rig the win for... there is justice afterall!... well done Miguel for changing that.... you so deserved to win that being the true champion that you are... congratulations mate!...

...thanks everyone for joining in on this thread... it’s been such great fun... nite all... cheers.


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Out of all the seasons, I still think nobody beats Freddie Flintoff from the 1st season of I’m a Celeb AU, as the most deserving winner.

He was an intruder, from the UK, no affiliation with channel ten prior to I’m a Celeb, and still managed to pull a win whilst being a really entertaining and funny campmate.

Congratz to Miguel for winning this years show. In my opinion, it did seem kind of forced to happen and he was an obvious favourite amongst fans and the network, from the start. But still, a deserved victory over the other finalists.


Best result, good onya Miguel.

Did they give the final two away on The Project? I was convinced Rhonda would be 3rd after one of the hosts asked Chris & Julia who cried more, Miguel or Dale. Chris & Julia recovered well but it seemed like a cat was out of the bag.


I still hate family visits. What's the difference between letting them see their family before the result or after? Nothing except it's really boring for the viewer.
I don't mind the family visits or the footballers. It's good for ratings, and you get to see the whole person.
Fitting winner in 2020, Miguel has won plenty of new fans. And he might just have saved the franchise.
Hosting: it's time for Julia to "pursue new opportunities" ..I can't take much more