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And every name mentioned so far has been crap. What are they thinking?
I am looking forward to Sam Dastyari.

I want to hear what goes behind the scenes of Parliament.

Each time I see the Angie & Yvie ad, I cringe & think WTF & then think, well after this, they will never grace out TV screens again. (so happy days)

I can't get out of my head, Angie saying, I want to do a nervous poo. (FMD)


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Just read two articles.

Angie is coeliac & doesn't eat meat & Yvie has had gastric sleeve surgery & can't eat certain foods.


Also in the above article, they confirm they left, as they couldn't do other gigs while on the show.

"One of the main reasons we left was as much as we loved Gogglebox, we couldn't do anything else... we didn't think this would be our first offer. (Fingers crossed, it's the first & last offer)


This series, I will be negative Nancy. lol

So get used to my negativity. haha


I shall watch for I love Samuel Johnson.............and bitch at the crap people, I will barrack for .......

Can't see him losing actually, unless he fucks up badly.......and even if he did, I will forgive anything minor

Sam is my hero
We both lost our sisters about the same time, his journey helped me cope
And I sent him messages and an article that helped me, and he is lovely and responds
I went to the service held in Melbourne, and that helped me a bit too

He is trying to reach 10 million, already raised over 7 million


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Show hasn't started but I am planning on voting out Angie, Yvie & A.J.

So I will have to vote for the others.

Rings bank for loan.


Stupid DM
Acting like they have secret show biz exclusives..........try hard trash losers
The big reveals from them have been common knowledge for weeks
Dermott I saw recently on Front Bar.....he was hilarious, at the time I wondered why he had disappeared, he is attractive,funny, and not pc
Pam A......why? She has a track record of being useless on rtv
Reid is detestable chuck him out first Please


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This year the so called celebrities are -Z grade.

Wonder if the reason they couldn't attract higher quality celebs is the way they treated Tomic & Mundine.

I know they are 'hated' by heaps, but IMO it was wrong the way they were treated by Julia & behind the scenes people.


I think if we accept that the level of celebrity this time is non-existent, the best thing to do is try to enjoy it anyway based on the personality of the contestants. Which may turn out to be even worse than their "celebrity" status, but we'll find out soon enough.
I do have pre-conceptions about Yvie & Angie (especially Angie) and Richard Reid though, which are going to be hard to overcome.
Basically they are all just people, as annoying and flawed as any one of us, the difference being they have wrangled their way onto a tv show.

And yes, Julia and Chris should not display any bias towards any contestant, especially when it's done just for a cheap laugh.


Well, I have watched the UK show, 2 seasons, I knew who 2 people were on each series.........and It doesn't matter

I don't find the lack of star power all that important, since often it is the lowest z grader that amuses me = eg Laurina

The z graders still have huge egos, and think they are entitled........and they get thumped by the audience = all good

Reid needs to be punished a LOT, I hope he is afraid of everything


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IMO The lowest z grader was Tziporah.

Even now she is trying to get her extra 15 mins of fame.

The best was Steve Price.

What made it better was, Alex Mavroidakis etc expected Steve & Nazeem to clash, but they didn't, instead they became friends.

They also thought Steve wouldn't eat the crap food, but he nailed the food challenges.