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I'm A Celebrity 2024: Episode 6

Who is the 'National Treasure' going into the Jungle tonight?

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…yeah… so… Denise Drysdale eh?… what is she?… 106?… I just hope the bugs don’t give her a heart attack or something… at least it isn’t KAK… (let’s all count our blessings… we dodged a bullet there methinks!)… thanks again for starting the thread Will… HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!… thanks for the fun folks… nite all… sleep tight… pleasant dreams… cheers.
…I’ve actually met Denise Drysdale when her and Ernie Sigley were somethings… they were both kinda ‘up’ themselves a little bit… when you tried to talk to them they sort of just looked away from you… Denise eventually came around to talking to us ‘peasants’ in the end… she turned out to be quite nice in the end I must say… cheers.
My parents have met her too.
When my dad was in a band and they used to appear on Commotion or whatever.
Denise was a go-go dancer and so was Molly Meldrum (probably not at the same time).
after all that and the “Australian Treasure “ didn’t even go in yet…

I like that they’re teaching Stephen to swim, that should be fun to see. Do people in the UK not swim at school? So surprised
Well, sorry I couldn't be here to join in last night, but I'm here to say my bit now.
Good on Callum, at least he was laughing at the end. He's a good sport.
…is Julia wearing a bra tonight?… the girls look kinda…. um… cheers.
Kind of um, what?
Perky? Droopy? Strange?
I'll have to take a look .... .... Hmmm, one perky and one droopy!
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