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I’m a Celebrity 2023 : Episode 8

Who do you want to win among the males?

  • 3)… Adam:… regarding his balls… he Adam and lost them… so far his knuckles don’t drag on the ground…

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  • 7)… Nick boofhead Cummins:… I wish that his dad had stopped Cummin’ a lot earlier…

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…that snake challenge shows that the Producers don’t care about the welfare of the ‘celebrities’ just as long as they get the ratings… did they do the challenge first?… what else did they think would happen?… idiots!… cheers.
…no way am I watching that disgusting food trial when it happens… someone will have to tell me when it’s over… (I don’t trust you Kaz lol!)… cheers.
Why did Dom cry when told they had won crackers & vegemite. Vote the whinger out.

Though I think Anna will be booted out first
…my gay friend’s favourite joke is… “I came out the closet today… it was so bloody hot in there!”… (it was funny the first time I heard it lol!)… cheers.
an Elephant stampede through the camp right now while they’re talking about Football might be good right now… cheers.
MY one GRIPE with this season of IACGMOOH is that there’s WAY too much discussions on the topic of ‘sporting’ BEING showcased per episode.

I HECKIN’ LOOOOOOOVE watching SPORTS! ⚽🏈🎾 But we need MORE HECKIN’ variety in the topics of discussion showcased!