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I've been half watching this on the afternoon replays on a couple of days when I'm off. I'm kinda hooked however late it is.


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Yay, 2 fugitives got there 👍

I love how the Hunters were on the beach yelling, "Stop" as if they would :biggrin:


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Is there any follow up on how much of the prize money they got?

2 winners win Hunted

"Both made it into the chopper with minutes to spare and with Hunters hot on their tail - making them the joint winners of Hunted, season one.

And both vowed to share their split of the $100,000 prize money with their fallen team mates, meaning both winners will go home with $25,000 for their 21 days on the run.

I think its a great thing to split the $$$ with their team mates - as you could say they may not have made it to the end without each other during the run - so it is nice to see that they shared the win...


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Glad Rob and Staffi won. Thought Jacob was a bit dumb as a copper writing the details down but seems the Hunters didn't get that info. Not smart to go to a known associate and plan to stay there or go in a building with limited exits. Also didn't get any interrogation scenes with the captured partners - usually in the UK with one of a pair caught close to the end they'd be questioned in HQ.

I'm guessing too one of the unspoken rules is that the fugitives themselves must make the phone call to get the extraction point as surely otherwise you'd pass the details on to someone else to make the call from another location and then get the details back to you. I'm also guessing considering the tactics of both teams towards the end there must be a rule that you can't split up until the final couple of days of the run.

Overall though a really nice effort from 10, though the finale didn't feel as dramatic as the UK version usually does. Rob just seemed to hop out of a car on to the chopper without any drama. Never got the sense Staffi and the Hunters were on the beach at the same time either, and to be honest the extraction location needed to be somewhere which offered some last minute complications to up the ante. I think the last UK one was an island in the middle of a lake for example.
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