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...Holey Moley... it could be silly fun...


I loathe sport on TV...
I got two words for you...
Denise Drysdale
She did herself an injury (broken leg) during that ice figure-skating TV show they tried once as well didn't she? Plus wasn't there something about injuries on a high board diving show that was a total schmozzle..?

D Space

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Just watching episode 4, and wow Sonya caught off guard by shirtless golfer telling her she could not help flirting with him like all the ladies. She has a giggle folks. And is stumped! That’s right, you read me. And this is the host of Big Brother, the prime social game of our time, and this is what they can come up with? Even the worst hosts out there can think of like one thing to say to them lol

She has one job like every 20 minutes on this show & she couldn’t even prepare something in her mostly vacant head.

D Space

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I tried to watch this again on the weekend, I just can't get into it.
It’s good for having on in the background, I think. A few funny moments and I like to see all the various characters have a go. Challenges are next to impossible to get through, when they do manage it’s a little bit exciting. It must have had a lot of marketing for the first episode to have 950k to then drop down 500k!

D Space

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The American host is a good comedian. But his understanding of golf and predictions of how the ball is going to land is clearly terrible.

Sometimes the shot is clearly too soft and while the ball is rolling, he is still like saying “ooh can this be it, has she got it” meanwhile it’s nowhere near lol

His basic understanding of physics is quite disappointing.