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Graceland Happiness Project - 8/10/15 on ABC2

Tim possibly sees Ben as someone to dominate and hopefully control. Ben is stubborn enough to thwart Tim's efforts so it's a stalemate. There'd have to be a certain level of friendship but on the terms of whom?

I disagree with this.
I think Tim genuinely wants to help Ben. They have a special connection. I think people get the wrong end of the stick of Tim and think he is always manipulating. The friendship between Ben and Tim is real.

Anyway I am very much looking forward to when they travel to India. If only to see more of Ben and Tim's adventures. I don't know if it would make Ben feel a bit happier though. He was a bit down towards the end of Graceland.

But that is the thing about depression. You could have everything in the world but it still won't make you happy. Though I hope Ben enjoys the upcoming trip just to hang out with his buddy and discovering a place he has never been before instead of something that might cure his depression.