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Google your username

ok so with crimmy as my nick the first pic that comes up seems to be a meth lab ...:eek:

can I just explain that crimmy came about as a shortened form of crimson ... and crimson was brought about due to lack of imagination and I actually am not fond of the colour red ... go figure that one!!!

my very first online name (and only other one) also came about due to lack of imagination but also wanting to be unisex because it somehow made me feel safer ... and I chose it from a video clip I'd saved onto my desktop ... I hadnt put any thought into it ... it was my first venture into an online chatroom and I was confronted with sign in and had to come up with something ... the clip was an ad for John West featuring a dancing bear catching salmon ... the chatroom? cbs survivor ... scarey manic place full of nutters ... I fitted in brilliantly ;) lol
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