Game of Thrones Prequel worthy or not?


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Something new for us to tear apart. (fingers crossed, it takes the bad taste of GOT series finale out of my mouth grrrrr)

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No problem.

Struggling to get enthusiastic about this - getting pretty sick of prequels, sequels and remakes dominating the entertainment industry and though I think there is something in the backstory worth exploring it feels a bit too soon for any spin-off. Spending $30m on a pilot, especially a failed pilot, feels absolutely grotesque as well.


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Spending $30m on a pilot, especially a failed pilot, feels absolutely grotesque as well.

It's not when you think about it. Many in the industry survive purely off material that never gets to series. Lots of money is spent buying and developing material that never makes it to the public. Making pilots of shows that never go to series. It's part of the business.

It also would include costs that would cover other GOT spin-offs that never made it in front of the camera. They were developing at least 5. As well as costs that'd have been spread across the season if made. Development, concept art, sets, costumes, VFX development, casting, location scouting and many other things. A lot of cost is frontloaded in production, which then later episodes enjoy the benefit of.

Star Trek Voyager had one of the most expensive pilots of all time. Yet once it was done, all the sets, the ship design, production design, costumes, props and many other things existed. Which are used across the subsequent seasons. So there would have been part of the production cost relying on it going to season. I'm sure there'd be other parts which would get used by the prequel they have made.

Which honestly, I have no idea if it'll be good or not. As the later seasons of GOT show. These kinds of shows need solid source material that exists.

Watching and enjoying The Wheel of Time, and you can just tell and feel that it's from a rich source material. As opposed to shows which are not.