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Ooooh I saw that film. A zillion years ago. Wotcha up to Fuzzen? Just fuzzin' around? You seem to have stopped hanging out in Reepbot's tbread. Or have you just stopped hanging out on the site so much?


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Absorbing populist subculture. Willingly.
Gorging on its saccharine zeitgeist.
Must inevitably result in terminal indigestion of the mind and body.
Painful but not fatal. A fair trade-off one would think. For those so inclined.
I tend to slide with Huxley more than Orwell when it comes to bleakness.


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Do YOU watch Rake, Fuzz? Rake & Wendy's son is called Fuzz...
I dont Moosen. But I have heard gut things about it.
Not sure how I feel about having a father figure called Rake.
As long as Rakey seems like a good guy on the show I can accept it.
Is the offspring fuzz quite the bundle of joy?
Or a troublesome teen?
As long as the Fuzz name is upheld to a reasonably high degree I can also accept this.:p