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Game Forum Big Brother Paranoia 2016


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What do you see? FBB Paranoia

The longest series yet!

Apply Now!
PM @Bertrendo to apply. Bertrendo will reply with questions for you to answer. Please answer these.

(Past housemates can compete but there will be an All Star season straight after FBB Paranoia)

If you have any questions ask here.


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Exclusive aerial shots taken from our drone of the Forum Big Brother compound have revealed some very interesting changes to this years House and Set -

It seems as though all structural work has been completed:

A shot of the backyard:

An exclusive look at the new set... is that a giant video wall?

What's that round thing in the right-hand corner of the set?

It looks like some kind of podium. I wonder what it will be used for?

FBB fans, discuss:


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Forum Big Brother: Paranoia has been postponed for later this year, due to lack of new applications.

More info will be given out later.