Everyone vote to SAVE


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Yes agreed, everyone vote to get Ben out... I never have voted & never will lol but I can't stand him hahaha

Everyone use their $$$ - I'll never spend money on a reality show :)

Same here. I always said I wouldn't vote, but I am struggling this time not to vote.
LOL only dropkicks would want to save someone as boring as Sam. What does he offer to the house/our viewing pleasure? NOTHING. People who root for someone just because they're the default are sad try-hard contrarians. As much as I hate Angie, I recognise she has genuine fans. However 90% of the people telling others to save Sam are only doing so to make some idiotic "point" about the other HMs. We've had plenty of bland boring pot-plant males win BB before, yet here are some of you lot hoping he WINS just because his name isn't Ben or Stacey! Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Agreed, Sam is the worlds most boring housemate and wants to be. It's his game plan. At least the others are giving us semi-decent tv to watch.