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Dreamworld to demolish BB Amphitheatre

Dennis Haikalis

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Didn't the ramp return midway through 2008?

God, having flashbacks now to that awful revolve where they tried to make it look like you revolved out of the house and on to the back of the set.
It came back in the week 11 eviction of cherry, and was then used on day 84 for the double eviction and then the finale.


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OK, I see the seating chart. I'm guessing the closer you are to the stage, the more you have to pay, right? And this is in addition to a Dreamworld ticket?
There is a seating map from 2008 that shows the gold seats which, yes, were closest to the stage and cost more. Not sure if entry additionally required a DW ticket.
A very late reply, but to answer this question...

During the 2008 season (and possibly older seasons), gold seats (Rows 4 - 15) included a 1 day entry to Dreamworld, but silver seats and grass did not. The one time that I attended a live show was the BB08 finale, where the gold price was $125. Tickets were allocated on a per-row basis without a specific seat. There was a footnote in the ticket confirmation that producers could 'upgrade' anyone at their discretion, e.g. Silver tickets to Gold or Grass general admission to Silver seating in order to fill up empty seats. Tickets at the time were handled by Dreamworld and had to be collected in-person at Dreamworld during normal park hours. Ticket prices would steadily rise the later in the series it got. On Archive.org, you can view what the prices were for some of the earlier Evictions:

In comparison, ticketing for the last season (2014) was conducted through third-party website ticketbooth. Gold (and VIP) I don't believe were bundled with a Dreamworld entry ticket. For one particular eviction I think that VIP (Rows 5 - 7) was $50, Gold (Rows 8 - 17) $40 and Silver (Rows 18 -26) $30.