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Did season 1 (2001) have uncut?

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Part of the fun of the first episode! :p But seriously though we do need an adult show for the adult conversations. The nudity was just a bonus! We would then be able to find out what Travis's "revolting" comment was to Ryan that made him so fired up. !

Indeed. It seems that Alex's job has been made simpler this year by only having to have cameramen on standby when special events are happening, such as housemates needing to get into the pantry, the scenes after being given lots of alcohol, new housemate entering, housemates nominating (although they do seem to have the footage available to show their reasoning for nomination, 95% of this is completely missing from the daily shows - does this actually verify that there is 24 hour filming, or just so happened that they where lucky to have a little extra footage?), evictions and a quick eviction edit from what's already on one of the daily shows, so they really don't have a hard time putting together the shows.

We're losing a lot of meaning through the censorship of the footage that they do have though, for example when David was calling Lisa up for being Lisa in the spa did not make any sense at all (we didn't hear her calling him a hairy little dwarf or whatever it was) until somebody later let slip . Seems that they are trying to cover all bases from lawsuits or whatever ? I mean seriously, can they at least allude more to what kind of comments where thrown, than giving us a very limited piece of the discussion for judgement ?

Very true about what Travis had replied to Ryan in that incident, one would assume it's just a retort saying Ryan would fuck his sister or something, was it any worse than what Ryan started with ? That is VERY important information.

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As mentioned above, one of the most vital aspects of the Uncut/Adults Only shows was the fact that when arguments like Travis and Ryan's tiff occurred we would usually be given a full picture of what happened. Fair enough that the comments were bleeped and the argument only touched upon during the Daily Show, but the reason Uncut existed was to show us the full unedited scene in situations like that so we knew exactly what occurred, who said what, when, etc.


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The first episode of Uncut each year would start with showing who showered nude, and who didn't, without fail.

Oh when they would shower with underwear on and try wash their privates hurriedly within them...Then awkwardly change with a towel around their waste.....oh my it reminded me of year 7 camp and not a hint of the 'worldly individuals who auditioned and were all about the ^^JOURNEY^^ and yuck"


The Adult only shows are on Youtube now. Quite dull, mostly Sara Marie's breasts.
Uncut originally started off not with the idea of focusing on nudity - at some point they had Gretel say something along the lines of "Uncut exists because as Big Brother is a show where you at home judge the personalities of the housemates when deciding who to evict, it's important we show you their full personalities. Therefore Uncut exists to show you the sides of who these people are that we simply cannot show at 7pm".

This is why BB01's Uncut is "dull" in comparison to what they did in later years - they were airing the conversations that actually showed you more about who the housemates were. Eventually Uncut basically became soft-core porn and just focused on shit like nudity, who was masturbating in the house and how they tried to hide it etc.