Episode Day 80 (26/11/14) Grand Finale (NB: Live Spoiler warning, site-wide)


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Is Sonia's dress black or blue?! PEOPLE HAVE BETS ON THE LINE!!!

You can't be seri.... oh wait ;)

Those titles were amazing tho.

I had a sneaky peak and yeah, that beats the awkward 'tack-on' "FINALE" text on the 2013 purple titles. So the question is if they can make the finale gold (and only gold) why were the daily shows a mixed bag of colours.

Best thing is, the whole eye is gold. Even the eye in the red titlecard (edited into eviction titles) wasn't completely red.


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A friend was at last night's live show and said the audience cheered loudest for Ryan when the cameras were off.

They were told to cheer equally when the cameras were rolling.

In the absence of Prisus and with the slim pickings we're left with I'm hoping it's Ryan for the win. Anything but Skye.