Episode Day 22 (29/30/2014) Live: Surprise Eviction


Noooo No...
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While I'm not sad to see Dion go I am really confused as to who's voting this year - like what's the demographic? If it were the traditional tween contingent I would have thought Dion's abs would get him through a couple of evictions and I NEVER would have thought Cat would be most saved.


Dion's dancing did him in, creeps a few of us out - nice guy, and it should be Trav,
see the fear in boys eyes - ooo it's not going to be the usual girl rush, and he's pretty but it didn't save him
I don't understand all the love for Priya. She's a little irritating.


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As a long time BB fan I still find it strange when housemates like Dion go so early. Back in the Channel 10 days Dion would have undoubtedly made it to the end.