Episode Day 101 (6/11/13): Grand Final (155m) discussion

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Ok, I know people will hate me for saying this but I'm putting it out there that that was the WORST FINALE EVER!
Let's shout it out so the crew can hear us. :rolleyes:


Not the results. The show itself.


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No, I just think you're a dick.

Feeling's mutual then? :)

no, i just feel like theres no point of you being here or watching if youre just gonna poo poo every single little thing, i understand this finale might not be your cup of tea, but no point continually shitting all over everything and affecting everyone else mood.


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Nooo it's over for another year. This is the only show I can simultaneously love and hate at the same time. Let's do it all again next year?


wow. jade got all of about 2 minutes, and we saw NONE of tim. what a shoddy finale.


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So they kill time all night stretching stupid segments out, then dont leave enough time to have proper interviews with the runner up and winner? Makes no sense at all.


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congrats tim well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to BBBAU members for making BB so memorable, wouldnt be the same without you!!! not sure what im going to do now :( hope to see some of you here posting till the next BB starts!!! take care everyone!! will miss you lots!!!!


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Despite its flaws, Big Brother remains my favourite show in TV <3

Maybe for you but I'm just not that into it anymore. Maybe because I'm older - who knows. Just was not into it tonight. Not for the whole season. I persevered but it just didn't get there for me.


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My bad, I meant SOME easily manipulated middle aged women swallowed Jade's one-way sob story hook line and sinker.

Actually IMHO, and being a woman of (ahem) a certain age,we are the last demographic who would vote for Jade. We've either been there and done that or have watched a friend been there and done that, and would certainly not spend money on encouraging her behavior.