Episode Day 101 (6/11/13): Grand Final (155m) discussion


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Just thinking of Fabio's SHAFT hitting the SIDES THO



Tim! FTW!
I couldn't watch this final live, it just makes me too emotional! I get really down that BB is over :(

Had to take a peek in here, so glad Tim won but all three of them were deserving.

Still, I hope this sends a clear message to producers, "talent scouts" and future applicants - no guts no glory! Makes for the best entertainment.


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Anyone see Ed nearly choke when Tim won? The man he tried to bring down beat him to the End. No share of the prize money for you Ed!

Well done to Tim, best game play and hands down most entertaining. Congrats To Jade too, great achievement and looked absolutely radiant!


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Thanks!! I've wanted to be on the show for years now. I reckon my chances will better as i get older. I'm still only 21.

Hmmm what's the youngest they have had on? 21 still sounds young but then again I'm old(ish)


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love how emotional he is about leaving the house :) he's obviously loved the whole experience - a very deserving winner :)

Congratulations Tim! Well played!!