Episode Day 101 (6/11/13): Grand Final (155m) discussion

Tesa Davies

Team Skye
Thank fuck!

So sad Tahan left, I've had my tanty and punched the shit out of my couches, but Tim makes up for that by winning

Thank you.

Mrs Butterface

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Okay this is awkward...

You went to all the trouble to notify me so I am guessing you want a response.

Yay you!! You are so lucky to be crying! I hope you have the BEST CRY EVER!!!!!!
Dude I was taking the piss with notifying you. I give up.


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i just wanted to say incase you all missed it due to the 1500 posts and the forum lag i love you guys and you all make bb even better eveyr year xxxx


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holy shit!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS

FINALLY someone I loved from the start wins BB!!!


I know. It's a GREAT feeling. I don't know if I should watch another series cause it can't top this for me


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To all the hard core Tim supporters here, thanks for everything. You done good :)


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I feel so touched by witnessing such a beautiful moment when Jade was so happy for Tim. She has such a beautiful soul and if you can't see that then I don't think you deserve to.