Dancing with the Stars Aus All Stars


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Guaranteed this is yet another Sonia Kruger vehicle

LOL! Yes well she was a co-host on this show with Daryl Somers many years ago on channel 7. I think I mentioned this in one of my pictures in the BB photoshops 2020 thread featuring the "Back To The Future" theme...lol Classic! :D


Yeah, Nah.
Enough fucking Sonia.
Jesus Christ, can't they find someone else to host a show? Who were they using on repeat when Sonia was contracted to 9?
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So they go with an All Star season... yet Schapelle Corby is a contestant on the All Star season. I mean, what?? I don’t remember her on any prior season.


Who is hosting with Sonia, I assume?

This sucks so much, it’s back to nursing home audiences, 7 made this so badly
10 gave it so much more, and shot into this century., they did a GREAT job, especially the very talented judges
and I love the 10 hosts

So, not a lot of new dancing going on, how do virus rules work
They will pad, pad, push all of the tragic past shit....with minimal new anything, guess that is the only
package doable in virus world


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Filming begins on 18 March and concludes on 31 March.

I have this strange feeling that Pettifleur will be on this season. She's currently in Sydney after returning to Melbourne a few weeks ago. Also saw one of the pros make an Instagram post and I immediately thought of Pettifleur lol.

Interestingly enough her dance teacher is dancing with Bec Hewitt this season.



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Pettifleur now follows Dancing with the Stars on Instagram. She was not when I checked her Instagram yesterday. More so confirms my theory that she is competing.


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Diving to the bottom of the barrel of D-Listers once again.