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Commonwealth Games 2022: Birmingham


Yeah, Nah.
Comm Games in Birmingham are being held from 28th July - 8th August.

Despite my person belief that Australia should become a republic, there is something so joyous about watching Australia absolutely DOMINATE the rest of the Commonwealth (Australia has won the medal tally every year since 1990 except for Glasgow 2014 when we came 2nd).

I know we're an international group, but I will keep track of all Australia's gold here as I did for Tokyo :)

Who else is planning on watching? With nothing else on TV, it'll probably dominate my viewing for those two weeks.
I'm going to butcher the retelling, but the ad for the Comm games that plays during BB always amuses me. It's something like, "Last year these names became legends." The voice-over person then says a few names, I vaguely think I've heard one of the names before. The others nope. Then the voice guy says something like, "and many more."
Good day two! Cheer.gif
Really enjoying track cycling and swimming! Cheer.gif

And Cate Campbell is an awesome addition on pool deck!
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I just have to say that Kyle Chalmers personal life is no one's business but his own...and neither is Emma McKeon's nor Cody Simpson's.

Some journos and sm "warriors" all need to pull their heads in and and just focus on what they are doing in the pool! AND stop trying to conjure up controversy for the sake of a story.
Kyle's interview with Cate Campbell poolside was really emotional. Just let the bloke swim and leave him alone. The media is revolting.