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CBB 9 First Eviction *SPOILERS*


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First out is:



Georgia gets to nominate two housemates to face the vote on Friday, she picks Nicola and Natasha.


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Tonight was pretty fast paced I'm kind of disappointed that Andrew didn't get a traditional exit from the house. I'm not sure if it was planned beforehand or what. However tonight was the first night in a while that I could stand watching him.

I don't know if Brian is delusional as Andrew is but I honestly wouldn't call anything Andrew did in the house TV gold. I expected him to be a little bit harsher than he was considering what he has said in the past about his interviews.

That twist was brutal and it's aftermath should be interesting.


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I'm stunned. Couldn't stand Andrew but the Great British Public ALWAYS vote the women out first.
Oh. Perhaps they did :)