Can we replace Julia Morris with a host with personality please?


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I love that they don't take the show at all seriously, as witnessed by their constant and blatant attempts to sway the public votes. It's all just irreverent fun. A bit of a pisstake even. It actually makes a refreshing change from recent seasons of Big Brother in that there's no pretense.
I totally agree, they make fun of themselves, which is nice to see, I just think Julia is fantastic, a great presenter


Has anyone else noticed that on a few occasions Julia keeps on changing positions a little bit where she is standing to move closer to Chris? I notice Chris's body language as she does that and he kind of looks annoyed and embarrassed, sometimes even nodding his head sideways.
They're clearly playing on the fact that Chris is extremely good looking by acting as though Julia is crazily obsessed with him. It's just banter and if you can't see that.. Then you probably shouldn't watch the show.
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If the producers want a continued run, the hosts have to be changed. Brown is ok, he could be better with a different co-host ..but Julia M., oh dear, we can all see... Chemistry, there isn't any


I don't think lack of personality is the problem.
She just needs someone who has the guts to say "don't be so stupid, this isn't Play School" whenever she starts screeching "dot ayyyyyyyyyy yewwwwwwww-eeee-ewwwwwwwwww" or any of her other schtick. Unless that is actually scripted, in which case there's no hope at all.


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I must admit I do like both Chris and Julia, they make me laugh for the most peculiar reasons, but, in saying that, Julia has been over the top this year with all the screeching. It'd be good if she toned it down. I can't imagine anyone else hosting it, as they interact really well together.


At first I loved the combination of Chris and Julia as hosts, but now I find Julia too childish, and combined with her loud screeching I now use the mute button a lot. Surely she can tone all that down.