Big Brother VIP Line up leaked


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Is it possible other celebrities they had signed up for VIP dropped out after the show started copping really bad press?

I remember names like Neil Patrick Harris were being floated in the lead up to production starting. The cast wreaks of a last minute scouting to see who was free for 10 days
NPH came to do AGT. When it was cancelled people guessed they might swap him over to BB. Just a rumour, probably never even considered.


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Should have a contract with a sliding payscale. Longer they stay, the more they're paid. There's no incentive to make the slightest effort, as Katie Hopkins proved.


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Considering they would have known ahead of time, this sounds more like publicity. 🤔
Sounds like Omarosa was evicted since it says she "was sent home", so they weren't expecting her to be gone so soon and thought she would be around longer. I guess they're saving the bs twists to save Danny. Again.


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A lot of these guys are still taking Cameo orders... It makes me wonder if some of them are still in the house?

At least 1 is on "Notify me when they are available".


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I thought I read somewhere that they wouldn’t even consider Channel 9 or 10 Big Brother housemates?


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They should have asked Tina Arena. That would have lifted the show into unimaginable greatness. It would have put artistic soul in our screens. It would have enabled the show to be nominated for both a Logie and a nobel peace prize.


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If someone wanted to make some money, Sportsbet has a head to head bet going for who will last longer Caitlyn or Thomas Markle Jr and Caitlyn has the lower price lol