Big Brother VIP 2021: Promos, Trailers & Teasers


Never again
I was rereading some of the old 2020 episode threads here and it made me think they sent the wrong big brother Daniel in the VIP house. Gorringe was controversial just by being himself with people projecting their repressed trauma on to him. But it was obvious that Daniel Hayes was deliberately courting controversy like some bad soap actor.

Real v fake.

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Not interested in VIP BB at all. Think Celebrity Masterchef will smash it in the ratings.

I wish season 3 of CBB US was happening this year instead of next. Can't wait for them to show BBAU how it's really done!


Casting Caitlyn on any BB season might have been a big deal in 2016 but in 2021 and I don't think many people care that much anymore. I also remember Omarosa has been on CBB US and she is not fresh into her post Trump era.


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Celeb reality shows are always awful because the celebs stories have already been told.
They can be very revealing if done right but this promo just highlights how constructed the show is going to be. Thomas Markle naturally discussing his relationship with Meghan in his own words, rather than those of the media with an agenda, could provide some genuine insight. Writing a letter clearly orchestrated by producers will not.


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Failing to mention that the new promo exclusively features the "sob story" of an anti-COVID, right-wing fanatic.

Well done, Seven.
Dayne Beams?

Don't know who he is. What's his right-wing anti-covid measure stuff? Google is failing me.