Big Brother Canada 9 - begins March 3rd

Seems to have flown by this year, though it's the same 10 week cycle as most years. Been a fairly strong cast - Kiefer annoys the heck out of me thinking he's the best player of all time so hope he doesn't win, but wouldn't mind any of the other three.

The cast has been very strong this year. I wouldn't say there has been any outstanding individual or outstanding moment or twist, but it's been a very solid series - possibly their best since the fifth series.
Finally catching up. Sure the series has its flaws, but I still think it’s the best BBCAN season in years! I thought I knew what would happen during Fake Double Eviction week, but wow I was wrong - and it was so fun to watch.

I don’t understand how Keifer is still there though.
They really should have got him out the week Jed nominated him. Chances are the trio would still be running the game if they had, although Ty was very wise to realise he was the third wheel in that trio and start playing for himself.
For sure. Although I love that Jed did get evicted at the end of that week, purely because it’s thrown some much needed unpredictability into the mix.

Saving someone other than himself in that Veto was arguably a very stupid game move, but at the same time was the catalyst for some great TV. Him then not winning the chance to re-enter was even better.

I can’t pick who might win next week. I’d have liked to see Beth take it out, but now I’m leaning towards Ty or Tera. It’ll be a very disappointing end if it somehow ends up being someone like Keifer.
I don't want Keifer to win mainly as I hate players who keep saying they're the greatest player of all time or have made the greatest moves of all time. However I respect he has had to work to survive and was the momentum behind Jed not vetoing himself.

The other three all have their pros and cons. I think whatever happens this week Tera makes the final 3. Keifer may get carried based on being unlikely to be a threat in the endurance part, but I think they know he has jury votes already. I think both Tera and Breydon are wildcards when it comes to the jury - doesn't really feel like Breydon has made any moves at all, whilst Tera has had to fight a bit in the latter half of the series. Then again has Ty really done much other than hid behind a duo for half the game and then betray them at a key moment? Is betrayal really a move when the move was instigated by other players?
Arisa’s weekly ❌ post before the latest eviction. It’s so fascinating that the final four are coincidentally all in one single column!!!
FIX!!! ;) :D

Fingers crossed Keifer gets the boot this week. Ty won HoH and Tera won the Veto, so basically decides whether to boot Breydon or Keifer. Keifer saying he is the only one who will take her to final 2 but I think Breydon is more likely myself, despite his close relationship with Ty.
The scenes shown at the start of the latest episode kind of connected some dots to things I’d read about earlier in the season. Apparently some live feeders had started picking up on hints of a relationship between Breydon and Ty. Apparently they’ve been on-and-off sleeping together during the season, with some live feeders alleging they have hooked up.

Makes sense, to be honest. I just don’t get why they would exclude all that from the episodes.
Okay the end of that episode kind of confirmed that something indeed has been going on between Breydon and Ty during the season. Weird they waited til the third last episode to mention it.
Happy Keifer is finally gone but no doubt now they've introduced a Canada's Favourite he'll probably pick that up (would much rather it was Spicy V!) and his ego that tells him he's the greatest player of all time despite coming in fourth like will grow ever more and we'll probably have to put up with him on the next season which includes veterans too - which I reckon is highly likely to be next year.
Great outcome. Gunning for a Tera win tomorrow! Although I don’t see how likely that will be.

I loved the final Veto too. Canada always does great challenges.
Yes, if Ty is in the final two he wins. If they follow the usual format I would suggest Tera is most likely to win the endurance based first round and Ty the days based skills challenge in Round 2, whilst it's 50/50 on the third round. I think either way in that scenario Breydon makes the final 2, as he would if he won HoH himself.

Tera v Breydon I couldn't call, but I do think Tychon would win the vote against either of the others.
Won't spoil the outcome yet but as always BB Canada produce a really good finale, especially the showpiece final HoH comp. Also noteable they showcased the cast much more as people rather than players throughout the finale, which was rather refreshing. Such a shame though that circumstances don't allow audiences at the moment - for the first time this season I really felt like they missed one. They should at least have had links to the finalists families.

Must say Anthony Douglas was an odd choice for the jury conversation - yes he finished second last time around but I don't remember him being that popular and he certainly doesn't fall in the legends category.
Not impressed with the winner - both of them.

But oh well.

I still thought it was a really impressive season. Fantastic cast, interesting storylines and great gameplay throughout. Fab finale too, as always. The video package dedicated to the diverse cast was particularly moving.

I really feel like BBCAN is in good hands at this point, especially with Arisa’s recent promotion and the show’s overall mission. I have thoroughly enjoyed it this year.
Shoutout to Big Brother Canada first for having such a diverse cast Second for crowning the Second ever Black winner in a North American Big Brother competition