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Big Brother Canada 12 - starts March 5


Staff member
So BBCAN12 starts in just over 3 weeks. Absolute silence so far - no buzz, no info and no significant promotion. And of course no interest from the shows fans after axing the live feeds last year.
A 24/7 channel has launched on Pluto TV currently showing looped episodes. No official announcement about this, or indeed anything, but inevitable speculation - perhaps more in hope than expectation - this will evolve into a live stream.

Live feed at this point is just a pipe dream. The near radio silence from anyone involved proves it. If they actually intended to revive it I guarantee they’d be shouting it from the rooftops. As far as I can see we haven’t even gotten an official announcement about Pluto TV yet and given that literally everything released is bombarded with negative replies it would seem the near silence is completely intentional. Arisa hasn’t even Tweeted since auditions closed in November.