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Big Brother Canada 10 - starts March 2nd


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First trailer has now been released - just a couple of weeks to go. Will air Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays through to May 5th.

First glimpse of the house. Clearly has more money spent on the kitchen cupboards than the US spends on the entire house, but I'm just not quite sure about this one.

I do enjoy the fact that the BBCAN house usually has a more cohesive theme but they really do need to change things up. This is the fourth or fifth house that’s had some variation of the same design scheme.
Yes - does have the feeling that we've seen it before and they're not as effectively making the house feel different each season now, especially with the same layout.
So glad to see our friend the other Kyle Moore (aka Mental Health Kyle) made it on Season 10. Can’t say I’m shocked…

I haven't watched BB Can more than just the beginning of S4. I will probably watch this year and plan on watching the older seasons once I finish BBAU.
Has there been any hints or theories about what the theme is?

I feel like there’s something going on in these promos but I can’t quite figure it out.
Promos seem to be somewhat game show / video game based but at the moment looks like little more than a loose theme to promote the show around (and perhaps dress the house) rather than anything more.
Promos seem to be somewhat game show / video game based but at the moment looks like little more than a loose theme to promote the show around (and perhaps dress the house) rather than anything more.
Yes - lots of clues in both videos referring to "questions".
A reminder of why BBCAN kicks BBUS's arse.
Wild, BBCan is so quotable that I’m actually surprised to recognise most of the quotes and what kind of context/fights it was in. Meanwhile, despite the fact that our DRs are better in terms of not being scriped, the only lines I can remember from the past 2 series of BBAU is “Mah House”, coffee, and that dude being from Campbelltown.

Can’t help but wonder if Seven are shooting themselves in the foot by aiming towards the family friendly audience and avoiding airing big fights (eg. the alleged blowup of the house towards Kieran). I’m sure they’re trying to steer away from negative stigma post-Turkey slap, but as MAFs and the last series of The Block has sadly shown, controversy sells.
What network chiefs creating "family friendly" content forget is that the last thing kids want to watch is anything branded as such. I suspect the original run took off on Ten because although in a family friendly slot and without the rude bits in the daily show it still felt alot more adult than many shows of the time - but of course was fun enough to keep the innocents happy too.

Back to Canada and a sneak peak of tonight - the house looks really good in the updated titles but still not convinced by it as a background to the game.

For all you Aussies playing at home, I made myself a little timezone-adjusted schedule for this season of BBCAN so I can keep track of when the episodes should become available for us. I figured I'd share it here as I think it'll be quite handy. (I've also taken into account our daylight savings ending in April.)

Note the below times are in Australian EST (GMT+11) only. The actual Canadian air times can be found here.

Episode 1: Thu 3 Mar - 12:00pm
Episode 2: Fri 4 Mar - 12:00pm
Episode 3: Tue 8 Mar - 12:00pm
Episode 4: Thu 10 Mar - 11:00am
Episode 5: Fri 11 Mar - 12:00pm
Episode 6: Tue 15 Mar - 12:00pm
Episode 7: Thu 17 Mar - 11:00am
Episode 8: Fri 18 Mar - 12:00pm
Episode 9: Tue 22 Mar - 11:00am
Episode 10: Thu 24 Mar - 11:00am
Episode 11: Fri 25 Mar - 12:00pm
Episode 12: Tue 29 Mar - 11:00am
Episode 13: Thu 31 Mar - 11:00am
Episode 14: Fri 1 Apr - 12:00pm
Episode 15: Tue 5 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 16: Thu 7 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 17: Fri 8 Apr - 11:00am
Episode 18: Tue 12 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 19: Thu 14 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 20: Fri 15 Apr - 11:00am
Episode 21: Tue 19 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 22: Thu 21 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 23: Fri 22 Apr - 11:00am
Episode 24: Tue 26 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 25: Thu 28 Apr - 10:00am
Episode 26: Fri 29 Apr - 11:00am
Episode 27: Tue 3 May - 10:00am
Episode 28: Thu 5 May - 10:00am
Episode 29: Fri 6 May - 11:00am
…barely half way through the first episode and I think I’ve fallen deeply in love with Kyle…
BB Can always nail the intros. A strong premiere, though wish they'd get the HGs in a little bit quicker. A good opening HoH comp though, but considering how well cast the show is it is criminal how they get rid of one before we've even seen them.
I’d also have liked the intro circle scene to go for longer - and, importantly, not have been so edited.

I’m usually more forgiving when it comes to BBCA’s editing style, but I felt the use of sound effects and blatant cuts to create a “character” out of a HG was far too obvious here (especially Gio’s… there’s no way that was genuinely what happened).