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Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers


Secret rooms are a bit hard to claim when they haven't changed the basic floorplan. I don't understand how an attic concept would work given the main bulk of the house didn't have an internal ceiling. That ladder is in the airlock, next to the bedroom, which would make whatever "room" is up there both in sight and earshot of the closest bedroom.

The only rooms we've haven't seen at this point are the garden, the bathroom and the bedrooms.

The jail/dungeon door with the peephole is probably just the bunker; you can tell because it's in the same airlock hallway leading up to it.


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The main shed isn’t tall enough for a second floo anyways, they’ll make the housemate climb up the ladder and then back down and just walk around to the attic.


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Yeah, I am expecting a repeat of last season. I really hope I am wrong though by some miracle and it becomes a decent show. (I can dream can’t I? 🤣)
Yeah, I hope they read these comments (Haha, as if) and make the show awesome. I get it's prerecorded, but they could still make the show great even with a prerecorded format.

Having BB is better then no BB, I guess.

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I’m going in with very low expectations for the season! After last season sinking to such extreme lows, any vast improvements would be an actual miracle. Expect more of the same bullshit but more content. Remember it’s the same set of producers / editors etc., and channels are loathe to change program identity. It’s like admitting defeat.

I did though like some of the challenges last year. And the community here is the absolute best, that’s what I’m most looking forward to in fact! Lol!
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