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Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers


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Was following a public transport bus today and the whole back was covered with advertising for the new upcoming BB show on channel 7. Anyway when I read the main advertising words for this season "More Than Meets The Eye" I thought now where have I heard or seen that one before? Yep I remembered it was used in the intro theme for the cartoon "Transformers" which I remember watching as a kid back in the 80's...lol



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I wouldn't be shocked if there is discussion with producers about what to wear in promos or on the first day or night. I think appearance through fashion can be an influential and important introduction to the kind of person someone is.
Isn’t that standard practice? Producers also have to approve of their wardrobe beforehand.

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I just noticed something. Not in a single promo have we seen even a glimpse of any kind of elimination room / nomination scenario. Whereas last year there was a ton of reaction shots and clips from evictions used in the previews.

Makes me wonder if the process has differed this season.
Ignore this. Coincidently we have now seen it in every promo SINCE I posted this. 😂 They heard me.

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^ Final 18 housemates there in the diary room with the balloons?

How many housemates are there this time? I couldn’t help but notice Brenton wasn’t there. Early evictee? and DJ Flex Mami also

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In saying that, big challenges and an eviction every night...again...

I’m kinda glad I won’t be home in time to watch the premiere live now.

These people don’t realise they’re producing Big Brother, not Survivor.